Family-friendly country dancing in Missouri and elsewhere


This site is maintained on an occasional basis. It is neither exhaustive nor necessarily accurate. Dance groups come and go, and websites come and go, and some are maintained more regularly than others. Information is often old, and always chancy. Users are advised to try to confirm the existence, time and place of any given dance before undertaking long trips or otherwise risking disappointment. Click on the dances and other sites to see what we have found, and then email or call the dance organizers for current information. If a heading doesn’t work at all, it may be that we have no current information to display.

Questions? Write to SoreFeet at (use the at sign) bonnefemme dot org.    Dated:   April 24, 2009

Cape Girardeau

Cape Friends of Traditional Music and Dance

Columbia area

Ashland occasional dances  - Nothing certain as of April, 2009.

Irish dances, Central Missouri Celtic Arts Assn.

Hallsville Community Ctr. – 2nd Saturdays, 4-6 jam, 6-7 potluck, 7-10:30 dance.

Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers

North Callaway – Prospectively possibly maybe.


North-East Missouri Friends of Traditional Music and Dance is, alas, defunct.

Jefferson City

Occasional dances for homeschoolers – no current information

Kansas City

Crosscurrents Barn Dances

Lawrence, KS, Lawrence Barn Dance Association

St. Charles

Highland Mist Scottish Dancers

Homeschool Educators Who Appreciate Dance (HEAD) – no current information.

St. Louis

Childgrove Country Dancers

Focal Point

Hatchling dances

International Folk Dance (IFDA)

Israeli dance, at Solomon Schecter School

St. Louis English Dancers

Waltzes etc., formerly St. Louis Vintage Dance Society

Webster Groves English Country Dance

Youth Contras

Salem and Rolla

Jovial Beggars


Traditional Dance and Music Society

Events farther afield, consult:





Lloyd Shaw Foundation

Folk Alliance



  Dance Gypsy



Folk School of St. Louis

Dance Callers Journal